Recovery Homes

The program is designed to guide you in finding a long-term solution for your addiction through extensive psycho-education and various therapies.

Sober Living Goals

Much like rehab centres the goals of sober homes are to teach you how to achieve an optimal level of health and sense of joy in all important areas of life. Social, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

It is not for nothing, South Africa is the most chosen destinations to recover from addiction based disorders. Abundance of nature activities, fantastic views, lovely climate and modern facilities. You can go to a broad range of facilities and sobriety homes across South Africa.

Addiction is a symptom of a greater issue and the recovery thereof should never be undertaken alone. To get back to your self and to heal in peace, both psychologically and physically find some of the best specialised sober living homes located in South Africa.

Located Near You

Let us help you find a sober living home environment close to your home / work, where you can put into practice a sober living lifestyle suited to you and your budget.

Therapy & Aftercare

Specialised therapy, follow up and aftercare programmes designed around you and your new lifestyle in sobriety.

Outpatient Programmes

Find local outpatient programmes and meetings in close proximity to your sober living home.

Sober living home is a directory of sobriety houses based in South Africa. We are an independent organisation that lists a wide variety of sober homes or halfway houses. Find sober homes in your area with location based support from the community from Relapse Prevention South Africa.

Locate specialised addiction treatment sober living homes located in South Africa. Find halfway houses that where the treatment team works with a tailor made programs specifically designed to help individuals re-integrate back to a reformed lifestyle of recovery.

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